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Recruitment Process

FM Inc recruitment process is as follows. We hope many people propose.

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact us by email. 

E-Mail Address : fme@futureman.co.kr

[ Process ]

Submit Resume : Job recruitment site or e-mail

Review resume within 5 days and notify interview date and place by e-mail 

Interview ( ~ 30 minutes)

Sucess Notive ( within 5 days) 


FM Inc wants to grow with talented person, and then open a bright future.

Talented person who has a strong ability to share information among colleagues, and is widely beneficial to people around him.

Talented person with a low overall score but tenacity to do one thing with certainty.

Talented person who can see one problem from many different perspectives

Talented person who uses the distinction between 'wrong' and 'different' 

Field Warrior

Field Expert

Field Hero

With FM Inc smart work system, members work as excellent warriors in the field.

Years later, you'll grow into an expert in that field.

Field-experienced professionals are leaders in the industry, and everyone wants to work together.

We proudly call them "Filed Hero".